Buying House Rule !

Are you buying a too expensive house or too many houses?   I love real estate.   It’s a key part of you owing asset and building wealth.   But you have to know how much you own this property or that asset will going to own you.   In general rule, you should NOT […]

4 Money Rules Every Woman Should Know

4 Money Rules Every Woman Should Know 1. Don’t worry about how other people spend their money. Everyone spends differently. You may have friends that love spending on fancy stuff, expensive dinner etc. Not necessary you have to follow. Understand your value, the richer your life will be. 2. Save for rainy days. Whether you […]

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10 Effective Tips To Ask For A Salary Raise

1.Take on more responsibilities2. Share your goals and ask for feedback3. Demonstrate your accomplishment and added value4. Don’t ask at a terrible time5. Do your research on market rate6. Talk about your value, positive notes and future contributions7. Be prepared to hear ‘No’ and plan your next step8. Focus on work achievement, not your finances9. […]