4 Money Rules Every Woman Should Know

1. Don’t worry about how other people spend their money.
Everyone spends differently. You may have friends that love spending on fancy stuff, expensive dinner etc. Not necessary you have to follow.

Understand your value, the richer your life will be.


2. Save for rainy days.
Whether you are working or a housewife, you need to prepare for unexpected.

I once met a woman age early 50s that started to be an insurance agent. She told me she was a housewife before and her husband was making really good income.

But, she just got divorced and left with no money. She regretted that during good time, she never thought of savings.


3. Ask for a raise
Most women don’t. Studies shows that 20% of adult women say they never negotiate salary at all.

Believe in the work that you do and learn to negotiate a fair salary.


4. Compound interest can be your best friends
You don’t need to wait till you get a higher salary or ridiculously big bonus to start investing.

If you invest $300 monthly ($10 everyday) and gain 10% interest per year, you’ll build $200,000 in 20 years

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