10 ideas to start your year right

Tired of making the same New Year’s Resolutions?   Here are 10 ideas to set the new year right for your personal, career, and finances. Personal 1. Commit to being more physically fit You don’t have to go to the gym or become a world-class athlete.    What important is finding a routine that works […]

look younger

9 Super Easy Ways to Look Younger

Do you want to turn back the clock and boost your health at the same time?  To Look younger is about taking care of yourself, inside and out.    Feel beautiful and younger by making these simple lifestyle tweaks; 1. Leave An Impression People don’t remember facts and figures, they remember impressions.   Improve your […]

bucket list

Bucket List – 101 Ideas That You Can Accomplish In Your Life

Here are some ideas to put into your bucket list; 1.   Become an early riser 2.   Run a marathon 3.   Do Paragliding 4.   Do Bungee jumping 5.   Visit the 7 wonders of the world  6.   Connect with past teachers 7.   Give a heartfelt surprise to someone 8.   Be a mentor to someone 9.   Start your own business 10.                 Volunteer on regular basis 11.                 Watch a World […]

negotiation shake hands

9 Keys To A Successful Negotiation

We negotiate every day. Negotiation is not only for lawyers or commercial people. Everyone tends to negotiate almost every day in a variety of things we do. Here are 9 keys for a successful negotiation that is practical, simple, and effective;   #1: Get as much knowledge as possible You can’t get a good deal if you […]

man despaired for been retrenched

What To Do If You Are Retrenched or Offered MSS Package? Guide Malaysia.

When organisations undergo a major change eg restructuring etc, everyone is affected. Plus with the current situation of Covid, oil price drop, and economic uncertainty, downsizing is inevitable.  More workers expected to lose their jobs either being retrenched or offered MSS (Mutual Separation Scheme) package. If this happens to you or someone you know, here […]

What Makes You Memorable?

I attended many talks, workshops and seminars. And at the same time, I also give talks and do presentation to corporates and companies.   I noticed that talking alone is not enough. Audience’s attention span is only a few minutes. If you are not able to catch their attention, they will get into their own […]