bucket list

Here are some ideas to put into your bucket list;

1.   Become an early riser

2.   Run a marathon

3.   Do Paragliding

4.   Do Bungee jumping

5.   Visit the 7 wonders of the world 

6.   Connect with past teachers

7.   Give a heartfelt surprise to someone

8.   Be a mentor to someone

9.   Start your own business

10.                 Volunteer on regular basis

11.                 Watch a World cup, world rugby game

12.                 Tour Europe

13.                 Fly in a hot air balloon

14.                 Go snorkeling or scuba diving

15.                 Ride a gondola in Venice Italy

16.                 Visit Disneyland and Disneysea

17.                 Learn new skills

18.                 Learn a new language

19.                 Go on holiday with friends

20.                 Become a parent

21.                 Swim with dolphins

22.                 Spend your birthday in a foreign country

23.                 Buy someone’s groceries

24.                 Donate toys at the holidays

25.                 Volunteer at a children’s hospital

26.                 Create a family tradition

27.                 Go on a memorable family vacation

28.                 Break a bad habit

29.                 Walk 10,000 steps a day

30.                 Try out a reality show

31.                 Throw someone a surprise party

32.                 Change someone’s life for a better

33.                 Get to your ideal weight

34.                 Go on a cruise

35.                 Celebrate another country’s holiday

36.                 Visit the White House

37.                 Ride an ATV

38.                 Make a video that goes viral

39.                 Speak at a conference or event

40.                 Write a book

41.                 Pay off all your debt

42.                 Learn how to code

43.                 Get a job in a different field

44.                 Live, study or work abroad

45.                 Swim in at least 3 major oceans

46.                 Visit a vineyards of Tuscany

47.                 Become financially literate

48.                 Go on a road trip around US

49.                 See the Northern Lights

50.                 Go on a safari in Afrika

51.                 Float in the Dead Sea

52.                 Attend the Olympic Games

53.                 Go camping in a middle of nature

54.                 Go backpacking around Europe

55.                 Take a train ride through the Swiss Alps

56.                 Play a new instrument

57.                 Be a blood donor

58.                 Buy a house for your parents

59.                 Ride a camel in the desert

60.                 Have a cappuccino in Rome

61.                 Ride a helicopter

62.                 Release baby turtles back into the oceans

63.                 Fly first class

64.                 Give a Ted or Ted(x) talk

65.                 Island-hop the Caribbean

66.                 Go to a music festival in another country

67.                 Take a bullet train in Japan

68.                 Fall in love with or in Paris

69.                 Learn a new sport

70.                 Sponsor a child’s education

71.                 Start a gratitude journal

72.                 Have a sleepover with your best friends

73.                 Go camping

74.                 Sail on a sailboat

75.                 Go clear water kayaking

76.                 Travel Solo

77.                 Write a book

78.                 Be featured on National TV

79.                 Have an article written about you

80.                 Buy someone’s groceries

81.                 Support a local food bank

82.                 Leave an satisfying job

83.                 Catch a beautiful sunset

84.                 Launch a personal brand

85.                 Try a new type of exercise

86.                 Learn to stand up for yourself

87.                 Start a family vacation fund

88.                 Donate regularly to a charity you like

89.                 Teach your kids the value of money 

90.                 Learn how to code

91.                 Learn a martial art

92.                 Teach some illiterate to read

93.                 Be featured in any of leading magazines

94.                 Have a personal family cook

95.                 Watch whale in the sea

96.                 Built or upgrade library of a school

97.                 Tour every state of your country

98.                 Meet one of your celebrity or corporate idols

99.                 Take a month long vacation

100.            Paint a piece of art for your home

101.            Set a Guinness World Record


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