important than money

10 Things More Important Than Money

We often hear (and believe) that money cannot buy happiness. Of course, we all require financial resources to meet our basic needs for food, clothing, housing, and other requirements. By nearly any measure, having money is preferable to having none. But how much money do we need?   The answer is different for everyone, as […]

Financial goals

Top 9 Financial Goals For New Year

Success doesn’t come overnight. Having clear goals and doing as per action plans are important to get you closer to what you want.  If you have never thought much about this, here are 9 ideas of financial goals that everyone can simply implement them. #1: Have sufficient emergency savings There will always be unexpected expenses […]

man despaired for been retrenched

What To Do If You Are Retrenched or Offered MSS Package? Guide Malaysia.

When organisations undergo a major change eg restructuring etc, everyone is affected. Plus with the current situation of Covid, oil price drop, and economic uncertainty, downsizing is inevitable.  More workers expected to lose their jobs either being retrenched or offered MSS (Mutual Separation Scheme) package. If this happens to you or someone you know, here […]

How To Reduce Debt Faster

Getting out of debt is not impossible. Like any goal, it requires steps, action plans, and determination to accomplish it. You just need to find a technique or a system you can follow and apply it to your needs. Hence, this is 10 Practical Ways To Reduce Debt Faster 1. Relook at your old housing […]