Tired of making the same New Year’s Resolutions?


Here are 10 ideas to set the new year right for your personal, career, and finances.


1. Commit to being more physically fit

You don’t have to go to the gym or become a world-class athlete. 


What important is finding a routine that works for you and sticking to it. 

It can be walking at the nearby park, cycling or running a 5km race, etc.


2. Don’t sweat the small stuff

So many people spend so much energy on little problems and concerns. And that they completely lose their focus on the important stuff.


There are many ways you can respond to life gracefully; 


  •      Become more patient
  •      Ask yourself a question ‘Will this matter a year from now?’
  •      Become a better listener
  •      Practice ignoring your negative thoughts
  •      Do one thing at a time
  •      Become a less aggressive driver
  •      Be willing to learn from friends and family
  •      Stop blaming others

3. Build on experience

New year means a new experience in your life. 

Instead of settling with the usual daily life, try to plan something exciting and new that you have not done before. 


A new experience can open up your eyes to the world and change your perspective on life.



4. Create a plan

Most new year resolution fails not because of no goals, but due to a lack of actions and plans.


Rather than be overwhelmed with normal routines, try 3:3:3 method*;


•      3 hours on your most important project  – that has specific goals and progress which will transform you. 

•      3 hours on shorter tasks  – urgent to-do such as emails, meetings, etc

•      3 hours on maintenance activities – items that make your life go smoothly such as cleaning, exercise, journaling, etc.

5. Learn a new skill

New skill gives you new chances and grows your confidence.

Identify one or two new skills that you can develop this year. 


Skills can be professional or personal such as public speaking, coding, writing, content marketing, selling, swimming, etc. 

6. Avoid repeating past failures

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result” – Albert Einstein.


When I started my journey as an independent consultant, I was taught how to do sales, recruitment, etc. I followed the system and worked hard. However, those hard work didn’t translate into the expected result. I got frustrated, had more quarrels with my spouse, and felt burned out.


After two years following the system, Einstein’s quote caught my attention. 


I paused. I decided that the system didn’t work for me and rethought what I wanted to do next. I studied alternative and fresh ways to approach prospects. 


It was the best decision that I have made. Now, I acquire clients naturally.



So, if you get stuck with the existing process, don’t attempt the same thing just because it is familiar or hoping it will work. Instead, change the method or take a different approach.

7. Improve communication

We communicate with others in 90% of our daily routine.


Learn to communicate better. 

You will increase your value and boost your credibility. 


8. Stay organize

Without an organized system, you may lose sight of your financial goals.


Below are 4 easy ways to do it;

  •       Automate your savings via auto debit
  •       Keep receipts for tax relief in one file
  •       Pay your bills online
  •       Create a budget

9. Raise your retirement contribution rate

If you just start saving for retirement, begin by contributing 10% of your monthly income. 


When you get a raise, raise your retirement savings too.

10. Invest in things that matter to you.

•      Invest in yourself by savings for emergency and long-term

•      Invest in books so you make a better decision

•      Invest in your family by spending time and effort with them 

Final Thought

You are probably tired of being at the same place.

Hence, you can take a big leap or more small steps toward your dream.


Make this year amazing by pushing yourself to do more of what you want. 




Wishing you all the best and success.

Love, Khairul.

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