Khairul Abu bakar

Hi, I'm Khairul, an expert on personal finance and a proud consultant registered with Principal.

This is my 6th year as a consultant. I provide a strategic advice on financial to individuals and corporate clients. Plus, I speak on financial literacy at companies and universities.

I launched ‘Khairul Abu Bakar’ website in 2020 to help readers make better decisions on managing their financials.


I am active on LinkedIn and among 13 professionals that inspire LinkedIn community in Malaysia. I was also featured on Vulcan Post, Study International and The New Savvy publications.

Work experience: 

Prior to becoming a consultant with Principal, I have 20 years of experience in various industries, as below;

  • Senior Manager Procurement, Sapurakencanca Petroleum
  • Assistant Vice President Procurement, Astro
  • Senior Executive, Sony EMCS Malaysia


I graduated from the University of Kent, Canterbury. Degree in Computer Systems Engineering.

This is my short story.

I have worked for 20 years in 3 different companies mainly in Procurement. I love the works, the challenges and it felt so good when I managed to achieve significant savings (big millions) for the Company. In year 2015, I was introduced to the Unit Trust. I started as a part-timer. I noticed that financial planning is lacking in our community. 

As I felt that I have served enough the Companies, then it’s about time for me to serve the community. I decided to be a Full-time Consultant. It was not easy, though, especially when I had to forego the good salary, perks and benefits given by the Company.

Do What You Love.

This is my 6th year in the Unit Trust industry.

As I meet more people, I listen to their stories, their struggles, their passions, and their motivations. I have a strong belief in what I do. Planning for the future is SO IMPORTANT for businesses, individuals, and families.

When people thank me for my sharing or me handling their good portfolios, then I know that I must have done something RIGHT. The big reason I love what I currently do is – the people. My clients, my colleagues, the new people that I meet…I cannot say enough great things.

I Am Blessed – Khairul Abu Bakar

Wish everyone a beautiful Aidilfitri 💕

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We believe in what we do that planning for financial future is SO IMPORTANT for business, personal and family.