Last 10 years I like to read online on how people progress in their life.

I read and jot down some notes on any topics that interest me.


Yesterday, I saw back my notes and thought of putting in my blog. For my forever reading and sharing with my readers.


10 Things Successful People Do Differently


  1. They don’t make excuses.

Successful people take 100% responsibility of themselve.

They don’t create excuses for why dreams are not possible.


Live life with no limits.


  1. They action oriented.

The world doesn’t pay what you know. It pays you for what you do.

Work hard and do what it takes to reach your dream


  1. They stay healthy

It’s hard to perform at best when you feel tired  and sick.

Success people value their health and invest in their own well being.


Eat right, physically active, take supplements, maintain positive attitute and good night sleep.


  1. They hold to their principles

You have to know who you are and why you’re doing certain things. You cant just forget who you are.


  1. They never quit .

When times get tough, try to think of end goal and what you can do to get there.


  1. Set realistic goals.

Setting goals is important. Success people set goals and reach them one by one.


  1. Be positive.

Success people alway believe in themselves and think that their dreams are actually possible.


  1. They focus on one thing at a time.

They focus like a laser beam.



  1. Spend less than they earn

Wealthy people tend to have the discipline to save first before they spend.


    10. They continually learn and grow.

Develop skills and gain more experience

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