Last week I had a lunch with my client Mr SN. He’s a director at a big bank. He’s very successful and had max his ASB savings. I thought his career life must be smooth sailing till he shared me his story.

Back in year 2009, his business went wrong and put him in a huge debt. Bills piled up, savings gone, banks kept calling & chasing and many sleepless nights.

So what did he do to get out of bad debts?

· Liquidate by selling his personal stuff (watches, jewelry etc)
· Get on job & work harder
· Follow strictly on budget

His hard work paid off. He finally managed to get out of bad debt after 3 years.

Since then, budgeting has become habit. He budgets for spends as well as savings. Being committed to work and discipline to budgets that help him build his wealth.

Most important, he always remember this:

“If you keep looking up, you’ll never be satisfied with what you have. Hence, always stay your feet on the ground, be grateful and humble”

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