Quick Tips: Business During Crisis

The current crisis really affects me as a consultant.Not able to meet clients or do business, means zero income for me. Instead of feeling nervous on the uncertainty, I make myself busy with learning. I enrolled to paid & free masterclass, webinar, fb live from world’s leaders such as Donald Miller, Sara Blakely, Anna Wintour and […]

7 Financial Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is not an easy task. It requires a lot of energy, determination and hardwork. Below are 7 financial tips for a new entrepreneur; Have cash reserves. For both personal and business in emergency fund. This will prepare you for unexpected or bad situation Don’t scale up too fast. Expanding too fast will […]

4 Tips to Reduce Debt Faster

Relook at your old housing loan (especially year 2007 and before) and negotiate. Many people think that housing loan is fixed and nothing can be done. Good news is it can be negotiated. I did revisit my house loan’s interest and have helped many of my clients. And this had saved hundreds to thousands of ringgit […]