The current crisis really affects me as a consultant.Not able to meet clients or do business, means zero income for me.

Instead of feeling nervous on the uncertainty, I make myself busy with learning. I enrolled to paid & free masterclass, webinar, fb live from world’s leaders such as Donald Miller, Sara Blakely, Anna Wintour and JT Foxx.

Below I’m sharing some ideas for Business During Crisis;


  1. Cashflow plan 
  • 1 year is at least to stay afloat and 5 years to grow.
  • Spend one step below. If you can afford Lamborghini, then buy Mercedes.


2. Business Plan

  • How to make revenue in 1 – 6 months?
  • How to repackage your product / service offering?
  • Focus on the profitability products?  Identify the ‘hero’s among them
  • Have strategic relationship ie existing clients, partnership.


3. Messaging Plan

  • Sales funnel = survival. 
  • Your customer’s problem has changed. How you position your message? 
  • Create unbelievable value to your clients.

        It might not give money but at least you give your all.

When things are dark, it’s better to engage and be positive rather than sitting back and giving up

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