Things To Do Before Making Any Investment If You Don’t Want To Lose Everything

1. Look for keywords ‘cant lose, ‘guarantee’, or ‘get rich quick’ in the marketing.

If you find those keywords, then run away.There is no guarantee to any investment except FD.


2. Ask if you really understand the business model.

If you can’t explain the business model with a straight face to someone, it means you don’t understand what you investing.

If you don’t understand, then you should not invest.


3. Calculate your risk.

If the investment is 10% from your net worth and you lose it, it is still survivable.

But if you lost all your life savings or your retirement money, that’s too much risk to handle.


4. Limit alternative investment not more than 10%.

Alternative investment is other than EPF, ASB, Tabung Haji, FD, stock, bond and mutual fund.


5. Please don’t take any loan to invest in alternative investment.

It’s painful to lose the money and even worse when you have to continue paying the banks.




Invest Responsibly!

It’s better to plan and invest your money over reasonable time rather than want to double your money in just a year.

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