Avoid This 5 Retirement Mistakes

1. Cashing out all from EPF and park into Saving account.

In Saving account, besides the money will not grow, you’ll spend it like water coming out of tap.

My recommendation;

  • 8-10% for usage in a year
  • 20% to save at ASB, Tabung Haji
  • 20% at mutual fund
  • 50% to remain in EPF


2. Spending too much too soon

3. Playing the stock market.The risk is too high and not worth it. This includes bitcoin, forex trading, mlm and skim cepat kaya (rich quick scheme)

4. Failing to prepare for medical expenses.

Medical cost is expensive now. A minor surgery is easily cost RM 10 -15k. 

5. Not spending enough. 

Too afraid to spend till not enjoying life.



Thank you Worldwide Holdings Berhad for the opportunity to conduct a talk on ‘Retirement – Better Life After Work’.

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