Top 5 Worries In Retirement

1. Loss of Identity
A lot of people especially men feels that their identity is associated with their work, what they do for living. So when they don’t work, they don’t know how to answer when people ask ‘what do you do’

2. Fear Become Poor
The biggest fear about retirement is running out of money. Some of retirees are not sure whether the money that they have, are able to sustain their life for the next 20- 30 years.

3. How to Spare Time
If you have a lot of spare time without agenda, you can quickly become very unhappy.

4. Health Concern
This is the third biggest retirement fear.

5. Reduce Lifestyle
Many people think when retire they have to dramatically reduce spending. And that will affect the current lifestyles.


Thank you KLCC Holdings Berhad for the opportunity to conduct a talk on ‘Retirement – Better Life After Work’.

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