With OPR keep on reducing, annual returns of FD will be significantly affected
ie. Potentially less than 1.4% annually net tax.

So, below are 3 smart reasons to consider Sukuk fund for Cash Management;

1. Sukuk operates in opposite than FD and Money market.
a. FD & Money Market returns will be lower when OPR drop.
b. However, Sukuk unit price increase.
Hence it will reflect better performance than normal returns of 4.5% annually.

2. Sukuk is tax exempted. The returns from Sukuk fund are not subjected to corporate tax.

3. Sukuk investment is low risk like FD and Money Market.
Besides, It has no lock in period.

If your company has holding capacity for at least 1 year, you might want to consider Sukuk funds for a potentially higher return.


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