Rejection is part of entrepreneurship. How to deal with it.

Rejection is a natural part of life. Especially as an entrepreneur, you face it even more. You get rejected when you don’t get the appointment you requested, your proposal is turned down, your product idea is not approved etc.

As a consultant, I also got rejected hundreds of times. Below are how I deal with them:

1. Rejection is not personal.

It is not aimed at you. Buyer might have bad experience before that make them more cautious.


2. Understand that not everyone will buy your product.

Picture this – you got brand new tires put on your car yesterday and someone is calling you today with an attempt to pitch you four more tires.

Are you going to buy? Of course not.


3. Someone has capability doing it.

Some people have DIY (Do It Yourself) personality. They believe they can do it themselves and that’s ok.  It’s like you try to sell chilies to someone who has grown chilies at home.

All above rejections are not to the salesperson or his/her company.  Get used to the idea that there will be a lot of rejection along the way.


Some will, some wont. Just Keep Moving.


The secret to success is to not give up.

Do stay in touch with the prospects from time to time. They might be your clients one day.

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