After analyzing more than 500 TED talks and interviewing the most popular TED presenters, Carmine Gallo shared 9 public speaking secrets in his book ‘Talk Like TED’.

Below are 3 secrets from the book;

1. Tell stories to reach people’s hearts and minds.

Facts, figure and data hardly get a standing ovation. But stories does and memorable. Why? Because people are wired for story.

You can tell either personal stories, stories about other people and stories about success or failure of brands.


2. Teach your audience something new.

Human are curious. They are keen on the latest stuff eg news, gadgets, cars, recipes etc.

So put new information into your speech. Something that your audience has not heard before.


3. Favor pictures over text. Bring numbers to life.

Power Point is not the enemy. Bullet points are.

  • Try to present with big, powerful images instead of too much detail.
  • Make your numbers relatable. 

When Steve Jobs introduce iPod, he didn’t explain it with engineering specs. Instead, he pulled the device out of his pocket and told audience that it holds a thousand songs.

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