27 Practical Ideas for what to do in Retirement

Retiring is a huge life event.

If you dont manage it well, Statistic shows that 40% of retirees got into depression.

Here are 27 practical ideas what to do in retirement;


1. Make a list or bucket list – Write down a list of things you’ve always wanted to do. This helps you to set new goals and have a purpose for each day.


2. See the World – Travel make you an interesting person. If you’re brave enough (plus financially strong), you may consider live in a foreign country.


3. Explore new hobbies – fishing, hiking, painting, sailing, dancing, bird watching, archery, flower arranging, scuba, daily sodoku etc


4. Acquire new skills – photography, play music, swimming, public speaking, singing, model building, baking, painting, sewing,


5. Go for a road trip or bike ride – go see something different.

6. Grow a garden – raising orchids, grow vegetables or beautiful flowers


7. Volunteer – Use your time in retirement to give back. Find volunteer opportunities that suit your skills.


8. Become a consultant –Start a business requires a lot of energy, money and high risk. Hence being a consultant is a good way to sell your skills and to build up clientele.


9. Get creative – creative activities can help to increase positive emotions and reduce stress. Creating scrapbook, making a family recipe book, drawing, sculpture are wonderful ways to be creative.


10. Keep physically active – Walking, exercise, cycling, tai-chi, golfing. You’ll have more energy, a healthier body and mindset.


11. Grow Your Friend Base – Friends help you to stay connected to the world. And younger friends exposes you to new experiences.


12. Spend more time with Your grandkids – They can keep you young and you can help them grow up.


13. Reading – Get your mind stay sharp. Tun mahathir said if we don’t use our muscle it will become weaker, so same goes with brain.

14. Writing or Blogging – If you persistence to blogging, you can even earn some extra cash.

15. Learn new Language – If you plan to travel overseas, take time to learn the language. Plus it will keep your mind sharp.


16. Strengthen family relationship


17. Be with nature – Fresh air and exercise is an instant mood booster. Walk in a the woods or nearby park or go hiking.


18. Get a new pet – People with pets are generally happier, more trusting and less lonely (according to pet researcher Allen R McConnell).

19. Try something new – Do someting different can be refreshing. Taste new recipe, find a different hairdresser, join a new exercise class, try new restaurants etc  


20. Take advantage of the Discounts – hotels, airfare, dining, ticketing, national parks, cruises


21. Get smarter – There’s plenty ways to expand your mind without spending money. Listen to podcast or TED talk. Visit museum and science centres. Enrol to online courses


22. Mentor others – Sharing your expertise and knowledge can be rewarding. Teach a course at your local community centre or library etc.


23. Remember life is not about age, it’s how you see it in your own eyes.

Why? Thomas Edison invented the telephone at age 84. Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz started diving at age 73.


24. Less TV – TV is a time thief and stop creativity. Avoid it as much as you can.


25. Clean / Declutter – Clean, organize and simplify your house.


26. Call up a friend or family member – Give a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while a call. This help to rekindle the relationship and maybe plan a visit later on.


27. Enjoy yourself – Focus on what make you the happiest and plan around that. Stay close to family, travel around the world, share your knowledge or experience.


Retirement is not the end. It’s a beginning of a new chapter.

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