Saving money is not necessarily from spending less or setting up an emergency fund. You also can save money by getting a good deal.


Here’s 3 ideas on negotiating big purchases;


  1. Get as much info or knowledge about the product.

Knowledge is power and the person with most knowlege wins.

So before buying or negotiating the items, check out what’s the market price, their competitors strength or weakness etc


  1. Dont rush. Be patience.

Remember that you need to show patience when you want a good bargain.


  1. Have more options

The more alternatives you have, the stronger your negotiating positions. Hence don’t get emotional or limit yourself.


It is never ‘This is only the house (or car/item) !’. Give yourself more options and it will give you confidence to negotiate or to walkaway.



What’s number 4? Let me know your thought below;




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