Everyone has experienced fear in life and that’s normal. I also have my own fear. I fear of heights, deep water, public speaking and do something really new.

However, I learned that if you overcome  those fear, it will lead you to something great. Here’s my examples:


  1. i was scared of public speaking. I remembered that i had only one night to prepare myself for my first speaking in front of crowd (i’ll tell you the story in my next postings). I did my very best for the speeach and it built my confidence for the next speaking engagements.

The biggest public engagement that i did was at Busan Marine Convention with more than 700 audience.


  1. I publish articles and videos on LinkedIn. Video also once that made me extremely uncomfortable. But after a few videos, I am grateful with the strong supports that i received. Thank you so much my LinkedIn friends.


Below i share quick tips how i overcome my fear;


  1. Fear is only temporary. Regret may last forever.

If you can ride a bicycle or drive a car, it means you can do other things. I always remind myself, opportunity may only come once. If i dont try now, i might dont get the same opportunity next time or it will be too late.


  1. Conquer fear with full responsibility and courage

When you take the challenge, accept it with 100% responsibility. This will make you creative enough to find solutions and you will be surprised on how much you’ll be transformed. Just be brave !!


  1. Pratice, Pratice, Practice

Practice makes perfect. Even Steve Jobs rehearsed on stage for many hours over many weeks prior to the launch of a major product. As a result, the presentation was delivered flawlessly.


This is what works for me and what I have learned.So what works for you? Share your thoughts below 


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