emergency fund bottle


  1. Cancel unutilized subscription; eg. gym, magazines, mobile data etc
  1. Switch hand phone providers;

My story; I have been using phone subscription from a communication provider for more than 10 years at a rate of RM 105/month.

Then i checked around and could find an alternative with similar coverage at RM 60/month. That saves me about 40%.


  1. Find savings at your home;
  • use energy savings lights, equipment etc
  • unplug every device when you’re not using them (which can make up to 20% of your monthly electric bill according to Duke energy)


  1. Save on groceries;
  • prepare a list to keep you focus on what you need
  • avoid go grocery when you’re hungry


  1. Practice the 30 day rule;

 whenever you feel the urge to spend, force yourself to wait 30 days. If at the end of month, you still want the item and can afford it, then go buy it.


  1. Coffee craziness;

Brewed coffee easily cost RM 15 a cup. Skipping the coffee shop three times a week can save you a month RM 180.


What is no. 7? Let me know your thoughts..


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