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This month I celebrate my birthday. As I’m getting a year older, it is good to reflect on life lessons.

I have many but below is my favourite what makes me who I am today.

1. Create a plan to achieve your dream or goal.
Success doesn’t come overnight. Having clear goals and do as per action plans are really important to get you closer to what you want.

2. Be open to new things & tackle your fear.
Yes, do something new can be scary and tough. But if it will completely open your eyes and change how you see about life, isnt that worth the effort?
Be brave and let the universe help you.

3. Don’t care about anyone else think.
Other people’s opinion doesn’t define you or rule your life.
Do what is right for you.

4. Gain control of your financial situation.
Money isn’t everything, but being in a good financial situation may make your life easier.

During my journey as an independent consultant, I’m glad that I had enough savings to help me sustain the tough time.

5. Be grateful & believe in yourself.
My life is not perfect but I am grateful with what I have.

Although sometimes life can be very challenging, I learn to take one day at a time and always believe things will get better.

💖 Khairul

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