3 Basic Money Skills

Learning Financial Account can take a while, but to learn basic about money are fairly simple. Here are the 3 basic money skills that EVERYONE must know.


  1. Spending

We love to spend. And somehow credit card make the spending even easier. But do we spend wisely?

Hence, it’s always good that you assess your purchases. Before buying something, do ask yourself.


‘Why are you buying a new smartphone? Is the old one broken? Why are you buying a new handbag? Or you worried about what others might think if you repeat the same handbag?’

Understand the reason before spending. There are always ways to solve problem without breaking the bank.


Moral: Learn to enjoy the money that you earn by spending properly and reasonably.


  1. Saving

Although this sounds very basic, in reality it is very hard to implement. Statistic shows that 9 out of 10 people have ‘zero’ savings.


If you are yet to save money, It’s never to late.

Start by putting aside $1000 at emergency fund and build up the saving habit from there.  Slowly  you will have emergency fund, kid’s college fund, retirement fund etc.


  1. Giving

‘Tangan yang memberi lebih baik dari yang menerima’(It’s better to give than to receive)

Generosity without expecting any returns will completely change you.


Thanks for reading.


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